Mooring Rope

Here at The Chatham Rope Company we can offer a large range of mooring lines , manufactured from different fibres and a wide choice of sizes to suit your application.

Polysteel makes a very strong and buoyant mooring line and is a popular choice within the marine industry. It has good tenacity and will not harden due to weathering.

Apart from polysteel we can offer mooring lines in polypropylene , polyester and dyneema - dyneema being the strongest.

Our ropes are available in 3 strand , 8 strand and 12 strand and can all be spliced with soft eyes or hard eyes and protected if required. A lot of our larger sized mooring lines are manufactured with protected spliced eyes each end as standard.   

Above shows a small length of 24mm Braided Dyneema Mooring Line made up for a customer. Dyneema is extremely strong and durable and allows you to achieve high break loads with smaller rope sizes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want a price for Dyneema mooring lines to suit your requirements. 



Mooring Ropes from The Chatham Rope Company

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