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Chatham Rope Company

Dyneema Textile Shackle

Textile shackle

GeoLink shackles are light and flexible, can be opened and closed quickly without the need for any additional equipment and are self-locking under load. This ensures that handling is substantially enhanced while the risk of injury is reduced. Our textile shackles are made of buoyant DynaOne® and therefore won’t sink if they should ever fall in the water. In terms of strength, reliability and service life, they are comparable to conventional metal shackles in every respect – while simultaneously boasting a significantly lower price. In fact, we can’t think of any advantage that a steel counterpart of our GeoLinks could possibly have!

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding these great soft textile shackles - we can supply sizes to cover all break loads required and because Dyneema is used we can supply a smaller diameter to achieve some big break loads , for example we have just supplied some 50mm Shackles that had a break load of 63 Tonnes.

Call The Chatham Rope Company Ltd on 01634 739177 or use the enquiry form.


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