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Chatham Rope Company

Polypropylene Rope

Polypropylene RopePolypropylene Rope is made from a split film twisted construction - and is available in many colours. Polypropylene Rope is very versatile and widely used for many different applications - one reason for this is because its great value for money. Its light in weight and flexible so easy to handle and will float in water which makes it ideal for marine use - It is also rot resistant and will not shrink when wet.

Polypropylene Rope is also great for Lashing, Strapping, DIY, Building, Industrial, Tarpaulins, Cable Pulling and Scaffolding to name just a few uses.

We have in stock the following colours
Blue - Orange - Black - White 
starting from 6mm in diameter.



Yarn Constructed Polypropylene Rope has all the same properties of Split Film Polypropylene Rope but has a better- more traditional rope look. This is achieved by taking the split film and twisting it to form a yarn before the rope making process begins.

The Chatham Rope Company Can manufacture Yarn Constructed Polypropylene in various colours


If you wish to buy from us please call on 01634 739177. Best prices for multiple trade enquiries although single coils happily sold.

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