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Chatham Rope Company

Twines – Natural Hemp - Tarred Marline

Natural TwinesWe carry in stock a large range of Natural Twines for a number of uses. All are great for whipping or serving or equally good for use in the garden and even arts and craft use.

The polished / unpolished Flax twine we have is commonly used for making purse nets or rabbit nets.

Tarred Marline is available in 250 gramme balls , 1 kg balls and 2.5 kg spools.

Polished Flax Twine is available in 200g balls and 500g balls.

Unpolished Flax Twine is available in 200g balls only.

Tarred Marlin Information

Approx 3mm in diameter made from natural flax twine and soaked in tar.

250g Balls  - Approx 40 metres of twine

1kg Balls    - Approx 160 metres of twine

2.5kg Balls - Approx 400 metres of twine


200g Polished / Unpolished Twine

Approx 1mm in diameter natural flax twine - approx 180 metres per spool. Available either unpolished or with a waxed finish.


Polished Twine

Approx 3mm in diameter natural flax twine with a waxed finish.

500g Ball - Approx 50 metres of twine


Get in touch today on 01634 739177 if you need further assistance to purchase natural twines from us.

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