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Chatham Rope Company

Staplespun polypropylene Rope

Staplespun Rope is made from polypropylene. The raw material is combed and spun into yarn before being made into the finished rope. This gives it a more traditional natural rope feel and is also stronger than straight forward Polypropylene rope. It has a hairy finish which gives a nice soft feel but also ensures a good grip is achieved when handling the rope.

Staplespun Rope is light weight, flexible and floats - is resistant to rotting which makes it an excellent choice of rope for mooring , towing and general marine applications. Staplespun Rope is also great for lifting, securing, marquees / tents and pulleys etc - often used by scaffold companies to use with their gin blocks for hoisting heavy items up and down

Staplespun rope is a great all rounder- Available from us in White or Black from 6mm - 44mm diameter.  ( only 8mm , 10mm & 12mm Diameter stocked in black )


StapleSpun Rope Information

Dia mmWeight per 220m (kg)Min break load (tonne)
6mm Staple Rope40.6
8mm Staple Rope61.03
10mm Staple Rope91.57
12mm Staple Rope142.20
14mm Staple Rope202.90
16mm Staple Rope253.77
18mm Staple Rope324.70
20mm Staple Rope395.72
24mm Staple Rope578.03
28mm Staple Rope7810.71
32mm Staple Rope10113.86
36mm Staple Rope13217.03


StapleSpun Rope - If you are interested in buying staple rope, please call us today on 01634 739177 or use our quick contact form on this page.

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