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Chatham Rope Company

Synthetic Sisal

Synthetic Sisal Rope is a 3 Strand rope made from Polysteel and is extremely strong. Synthetic Sisal is rot resistant and has good UV protection. Another great feature with a Polysteel Rope is it will not lose any strength when it becomes wet - it also has good abrasion resistance. This of course makes it an excellent rope for marine use, especially for mooring ropes. Great to use in the garden also for decking projects to add that finishing touch.

We stock Synthetic Sisal in the sizes shown below 


3 Strand Polysteel Rope Information

Dia mmWeight per 220m (kg)Min break load (tonne)
Synthetic Sisal 6mm3.500.68
Synthetic Sisal 10mm9.901.78
Synthetic Sisal 12mm14.302.59
Synthetic Sisal 16mm25.504.40
Synthetic Sisal 20mm39.806.09
Synthetic Sisal 24mm57.408.53
Synthetic Sisal 28mm78.1011.23
Synthetic Sisal 32mm102.1014.17



Synthetic Sisal Rope - 3 Strand Polysteel - Available in 220m coils or Cut Lengths - Call today on 01634 739177 or use our quick contact form for any information or to find out prices.

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