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Chatham Rope Company

Soft Shackle

Soft rope shackle made from 100% Dyneema SK75. These great shackles will tighten under tension and can easily be opened again when relaxed.

Our Dyneema soft shackles are a great alternative to traditional steel shackles - just as strong but really light weight. This makes them easier to handle and also a lot safer. If you are using a steel shackle to lift heavy items and the rope breaks the shackle can ricochet at quite some force causing severe damage to whatever or whoever it hits - using these soft Dyneema shackles will take this risk away.

Email for sizes or with required Break load required and we can get back with the correct shackle to use and cost.


If you require prices or any further info regarding these brilliant Dyneema shackles then please call on 01634 739177 or use our quick contact form

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