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Synthetic Hemp - Hempex

Synthetic Hemp Rope

Hempex is an authentic looking and very popular alternative to natural fibre Flax Hemp rope. It looks great and is very strong and can handle higher breaking loads. It is extremely resistant to weathering - made from synthetic fibres this rope is great for outdoor use as it will not rot and it also maintains an accurate diameter making it great for detailed projects. Hempex is often called Poly Hemp or Synthetic Hemp and really is a great versatile rope. It is widely used for a great many applications such as Decking Handrails / Borders , Cargo Nets / Scramble Nets or General Netting , Ships Rigging as well as being used within the theatre for stage rigging. This is also the most popular rope used for garden swings / tree swings as it looks great and lasts for years outside. Synthetic Hemp ropes float and are very light weight.These ropes really are fantastic and can be used for so many applications - a truly versatile rope.

Hempex is available from stock in 6mm - 36mm diameter.



Synthetic Hemp Rope Information

Dia mmWeight per 220m (kg)Min break load (kg)
6mm Hempex3.52392
8mm Hempex6.16673
10mm Hempex9.461009
12mm Hempex13.861503
14mm Hempex17.821951
16mm Hempex22.882445
18mm Hempex28.63062
20mm Hempex35.23836
22mm Hempex41.84598
24mm Hempex50.65417
28mm Hempex68.27257
32mm Hempex88.09309
36mm Hempex112.211665


Synthetic Hemp / PolyHemp / Hempex

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