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Chatham Rope Company

Manila Rope

Manila rope is a strong natural fibre rope. Manila rope is a good all round performer which will stretch very little and is very resistant to sunlight damage. It's great for use in the garden for trellis work, bordering, handrails for decking as well as swings and climbing ropes - also widely used in wild animal parks especially for primate enclosures.

Manila Rope was widely used by the military and is great for authentic dressing of old military vehicles etc - although not used as much now they still prefer Manila in a large 40mm diameter for climbing ropes for training & exercise use.  

Manila rope is also approved for tug of war rope - usually 32mm - 36mm will be used. We can make up tug of war ropes to the official association guidelines - feel free to ask us for current prices.

Manila is available from stock in 6mm - 40mm diameter. 



Dia mmWeight per 220m (kg)Min break load (tonne)
6mm Manila Rope70.35
8mm Manila Rope110.54
10mm Manila Rope140.70
12mm Manila Rope231.06
14mm Manila Rope301.45
16mm Manila Rope412.03
18mm Manila Rope482.44
20mm Manila Rope603.25
24mm Manila Rope884.57
28mm Manila Rope1176.10
32mm Manila Rope1547.90
36mm Manila Rope1959.65
40mm Manila Rope24211.94

For a competitive price on Manila rope please get in touch. Discounts offered for multiple coils of Manila rope 

Manila rope supplied in coils of 220 metres

Manila Rope - to buy from us or for more information please call us on 01634 739177 or alternatively use our quick contact form.

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